...and beyond!



On the way there we blew a tire valve in Green River UT

Fixing a tire valve in Green River, Utah.jpg (520402 bytes) Arizona sky near Bluff UT.jpg (229202 bytes) Shannon in UT somewhere.jpg (667783 bytes)


Once we crossed the border into New Mexico we thought the heat and sun was just beyond. 

Instead we drove into a blizzard where we were stuck in Chama NM for 2 days.

  Welcome to New Mexico.jpg (456661 bytes)   Me on bridge in snowy Chama.jpg (679076 bytes)  Chama Valley supernarket.jpg (470270 bytes)   Little Creel Lodge campground.jpg (476708 bytes)  Shannon in Chama snow.jpg (434253 bytes) Shannon in phone booth to mom in Chama.jpg (570239 bytes) Chama dec 19.jpg (509297 bytes)

Tailgate steak in Chama.jpg (466510 bytes)  steak in the trailer.jpg (490744 bytes) 

 finally arriving in  Roswell NM, souvenir shops galore but no Aliens

  Alien Zone.jpg (254291 bytes)  Dialogue Roswell.jpg (248535 bytes)  Me in Roswell.jpg (263962 bytes)  Our favourite Alien.jpg (242512 bytes)  No Firearms.jpg (701461 bytes)  ouitside Walmart in Roswell.jpg (491477 bytes)  Out front Roswell UFO Museum.jpg (331725 bytes)

Exhibit in the UFO Museum.jpg (574946 bytes)  Shannon in Roswell UFO Museum exhibit.jpg (375998 bytes)  Roswell Dialogue copy.jpg (337071 bytes)  Roswell UFO Museum.jpg (311019 bytes)  Shannons resemblance in Roswell UFO Museum.jpg (352759 bytes)  Shannon outfront souvenior store in Roswell.jpg (722132 bytes)  Cover up Cafe.jpg (400666 bytes)

Mexican restaurant in Roswell.jpg (913834 bytes)  Roswell RV Park.jpg (327085 bytes)  Getting the laundry done in Roswell copy.jpg (591838 bytes)   Not of this world cafe.jpg (311306 bytes) Roswell st corner.jpg (503738 bytes)



after Roswell we stopped in at Lincoln NM, home of Billy the Kid

   Fireplace in the courthouse.jpg (758460 bytes)   Courthouse Billy the Kid.jpg (551554 bytes)  Bullet hole.jpg (634484 bytes)  Actual safe Billy the Kid broke into to get the sheriffs gun.jpg (289971 bytes)  ruins in Lincoln NM.jpg (801386 bytes)  a building Billy worked .jpg (533183 bytes)  ranch house Lincoln nm.jpg (632249 bytes) Torreon.jpg (455275 bytes)

after Lincoln NM we drove into the night straight through to Winslow Arizona. Xmas eve 2006. 

I did get to stand on the corner in Winslow but then I spotted a chicken joint that was open so I ran over and pick up a few pieces. 

About 20 miles west of Winslow is Meteor Crater. We stayed there but being Xmas eve the crater was closed. "Don't ask me how they close a hole that big but they did" and we spent the night huddled together and nicely plugged into out campsite with just 2 other rv'rs who were on the way someplace this Xmas eve 2006.The stars were shining and the weather was cold and blowing snow. All the while, the semi's rolled on the down the highway as if it was just another  night.

Next morning (Xmas Day) we broke camp (unplugged the trailer) and headed for Quartzsite Arizona a.k.a. the trailer Mecca or Woodstock for rv'rs


Later that day had to phone  Mtn. Eddy and wish him a Merry Xmas on the way to  Jerome, Arizona

on the phone to Mtn Eddy from Jerome ,Arizona.jpg (463921 bytes)

 Took these pictures while passing through the beautiful hill top town of Jerome

Incidentally if you have a big 5'r or trailer I would recommend going around Jerome

 Jerome, Arizona 1.jpg (642215 bytes) Jerome, Arizona 2.jpg (513012 bytes) Jerome, Arizona 3.jpg (561898 bytes) Jerome, Arizona 4.jpg (210664 bytes) Jerome, Arizona 5.jpg (371334 bytes) Jerome, Arizona 6.jpg (995728 bytes) Jerome, Arizona 7.jpg (549346 bytes) Jerome, Arizona 8.jpg (562248 bytes) Hello from a guitar player in jerome.jpg (133629 bytes)



then on to Quartzsite, Arizona

One big ol Cactus copy.jpg (432162 bytes)

Alioens the other grey meat.jpg (279708 bytes) Almost Willie.jpg (371493 bytes) Armadillo Janes, Quartzsite.jpg (399958 bytes) Big rig in the desert.jpg (340457 bytes)  Camel Stop,  Quartzsite.jpg (444184 bytes)   Dead Cactus.jpg (622695 bytes) Desert scenery -3.jpg (1024127 bytes) Desert scene 2.jpg (169730 bytes)


88 Shades dog copy.jpg (366713 bytes)  88 Shades pull thru.jpg (486105 bytes) 88 shades sign.jpg (481459 bytes)   Desert Sunset.jpg (482709 bytes) Hi Jolly gravesite-3, Quartzsite.jpg (384478 bytes) Hi Jolly graveyard-1, Quartzsite.jpg (608945 bytes) Hi Jolly graveyard-2, Quartzsite.jpg (739251 bytes) Hi Jolly sign.jpg (673963 bytes)

Hi Jolly graveyard-2, Quartzsite.jpg (739251 bytes)  Hi Jolly.jpg (442935 bytes)  Indian Joe statue.jpg (378262 bytes)  Quartzsite Flea market-1.jpg (714848 bytes) Quartzsite Flea market-2.jpg (742588 bytes)  Quartzsite Flea market-3.jpg (591932 bytes)  Quartzsite Flea market-4.jpg (770521 bytes)  Quartzsite Flea market-5.jpg (696755 bytes)

Quartzsite Flea market-6.jpg (418222 bytes) Quartzsite main st -1.jpg (472103 bytes) Quartzsite Main st-2.jpg (410866 bytes)  Quartzsite Main st-3.jpg (345105 bytes) Quartzsites oldest remains.jpg (420275 bytes) Relaxing after a long drive to the desert.jpg (636667 bytes) Satellite Office in the desert 2.jpg (526552 bytes) Satellite Offive in the desert.jpg (487854 bytes) 

Shannon, Cactus at the corner leading to Quartzsite.jpg (412864 bytes) Tombstone, Quartzsite.jpg (677824 bytes) Shannon looks for gold the old fashioned way.jpg (395997 bytes) view out the trailer.jpg (265628 bytes) Treasure hunting in the desert.jpg (429441 bytes) view along Main in Quartzsite.jpg (323247 bytes) Large Fries.jpg (547831 bytes) Paul, Cactus at the corner leading to Quartzsite.jpg (394147 bytes) 

Desert sky 27 06.jpg (296993 bytes)



now on to Las Vegas

Green Acres slots.jpg (533704 bytes)  Casino Slots Vegas.jpg (734056 bytes)  Liberty.jpg (512946 bytes) IVegas scene.jpg (479937 bytes) Sam's town.jpg (599567 bytes) Pink Flamingo.jpg (656642 bytes) Pueblo on the Boardwalk Vegas copy.jpg (638152 bytes) Shannon on boardwalk Vegas copy.jpg (579169 bytes) 

Shannon outside Monte Carlo.jpg (522119 bytes) Walgreens Las Vegas.jpg (676944 bytes) 



and finally The Little A'Le' Inn in Rachel Nevada, along the Extraterrestrial Highway 375

Ale Inn Cafe.jpg (196855 bytes)   Aliens - Rachel copy.jpg (428486 bytes)   Shannon at the Little A'Le Inn.jpg (650124 bytes) Shannon Ale Inn cafe copy.jpg (656741 bytes)  Tow truck w UFO copy.jpg (384732 bytes)


Extraterrestrial Highway copy.jpg (472440 bytes)

That's all folks